As you are busy thinking over how to make the wedding dress and wedding unique, you should get some general ideas about wedding dress etiquette.
Couples-to-be are allowed to act against some trivial etiquette out of the taste of the to-be-couples, even so, learning some universal etiquette of wedding dress can be quite useful, giving you guidance in finding a proper wedding dress as well.

Wedding dress etiquette for the bride
The traditional color of wedding apparel of brides are white, as the symbol of purity. But today a minute change in color of wedding attire is perfectly permissible. Variations of white, like cream are frequently adopted today and help create a different atmosphere on the wedding ceremony. In the old days, widow brides were only allowed to wear lilac or lavender—today this is no longer the rule. Widow brides have the freedom to wear wedding dresses in any color they want. Frequently, cream an ivory are popular colors among them. With regard to church weddings,  wedding gowns should be more traditional, although a cream wedding dress is permissible. If the bride would like to wear a tube and low-back style wedding dress, she is advised to have her shoulder covered with a veil or a semi-transparent cloth. In contrast, wedding ceremony held at the registry office or civil wedding ceremony gives more freedom as to choosing wedding gowns. Even so, since weddings are a big event in one's life, a large number of brides still opt the classic wedding dresses. Sometimes an extremely formal wedding apparel is just not necessary. How about bridesmaids? Mostly, bridesmaids need to wear any apparel that the bride chooses for them. The bridesmaids might wear different dresses from each other, of the same color, which is decided by the bride.

Wedding dress etiquette for the groom
Traditional wedding dress of the groomsmen is daywear. Regarding the wedding ceremonies hold in the evening, the bridegroom is to be dressed in a tuxedo together with a black bow tie. At civil ceremonies, grooms' wedding apparel should match the fashion of brides'wedding apparel. For example, if the bride's wedding gown is a summer wholesale wedding dresses, then the groom can wear a soft, flowing, linen polo and a pair of beige cotton trousers to keep in step with the summery look. Male attendants, ushers and the best man should wear according to the groom's wedding dress.

Wedding dress etiquette for guests
In the circumstance where the bride's wedding dress is formal, the rest people with the guests included, should be formally dressed as well. One thing that is to be mentioned that the bride's mother and the groom's mother should not wear in the same color. And the groom has the responsibility to decide on the attire of the fathers. Mostly the style is limited to morning dress and black tie. The invitations should be sent specifying if the wedding party is very formal or not. In the ordinary course of thing, formal invitations tell people to be dressed in formal attires. Even if the wedding party is not formal enough, gentlemen are normally asked to wear black tie, while woman guests wear evening gowns which are able to match.