All ladies would choose to store their wedding dresses in an appropriate position after their weddings. After all, the wedding dress a bride has been dressed in her wedding ceremony is a perfect item for a beautiful memory. Also, it would be even more wonderful if you have the chance to forward your wedding dress to your daughter or even granddaughter who will be certainly excited to wear her mother's or grandmother's wedding dress on her wedding! But in what ways to keep a wedding gown for a dozen of years or even generations? This article will discuss on some tips about in what ways to preserve a bridal gown.

1. Never purchase storage box with a visible window as windows are normally made of fabric-damaging substances, which are chemically unstable in nature and are likely to smudge your wedding dress when it ages.

2. Let your wedding dress breathe. Do not store your dress in a seamless box. Just like human beings, wholesale wedding dresses needs to breathe to live longer. Suffocated room would accelerate its aging. In addition, suffocated room would result in moisture and mildew, a very powful destructor of your gown. To make sure that your wedding gown is preserved in good conditions, you should open the storage box and let in some fresh air to the dress for one or two days regularly.

3. Preserve all of the accessories of your wedding dress separately, including all fabric-covered metal buttons, pins , tiaras and sponge padding. Metal Substances will oxidize and smudge your gown.

4. Adopt high quality and colorless tissue paper and a solid, archival-quality, acid-free and no-lignin box. Fold the wedding gown, position the tissue paper between folds to prevent long-time lasting breaks or wrinkles.

5. Clean your wedding dress as early as possible after the wedding ceremony. It tends to be harder to clean stains on your wedding dress after a certain period of time. So you'd better have your bridal gown cleaned to a reputable dry cleaner as quickly as you can. If you need to go for your honey moon immediately after your wedding, request your mum or a reliable friend to handle the cleaning and preserving issues of the wedding gown.