In the fashion-savvy world, the trend of ‘return to simplicity’ seems more and more visible in wholesale wedding dresses. Although it is very common to catch screen star ladies donning fabulous wedding gowns with a huge skirt on their splendid weddings, many people regard that simpler wedding gowns are more ideal choices and more and more couples now opt for a casual wedding to commemorate their marriage. In general, a casual wedding ceremony costs less money without compromising the romance of the weddings. This, from my perspective, may contribute the biggest part to the growing trend of informal wedding dresses.

Besides, it is widely known that traditional wedding gowns, which usually feature a huge skirt and a long bottom, are more than often wearable on weddings and can only be worn for brides, not anyone else. This implies unless the bride disposes of her wedding dress or sends the gown to other brides-to-be as a gift after her wedding ceremony is done, a wedding gown has only one chance to be donned in one’s life. On the contrary, a casual wedding dress can be donned as a party dress or a banquet dress after the wedding ceremony is finished. The reusability of informal wedding dresses may account for another reason why casual wedding gowns become increasing popular.

Casual wedding gowns are particularly suitable for informal wedding occasions. Whether it is a cruise ship wedding, a backyard wedding, a beach wedding, or a destination wedding ceremony like San Franscisco, a casual styled wedding gown will free you from the uneasy experience of wearing a long and huge wedding gown. Brides can thoroughly enjoy the joy of their wedding ceremonies in casual styled wedding gowns without taking any risk of being trapped in any dilemma caused by the lengthy dress bottom. Furthermore, brides can walk around casually in casual styled wedding gowns, to welcome visitors, to dance with their grooms, or to shoot photos with families or guests, without holding their skirts with their hands.

To sum up, there are in principal 3 points of advantages that can be derived from informal wedding dresses. They tend to be cheaper and more budget friendly than ordinary wedding dresses; this style of wedding dresses can be used for a second time after the wedding parties are done, and lightweighty casual styled wedding gowns are obviously easier to dress.