If you have seen the movie Sex and the City, you must be impressive on the classic wedding dress Carrie Bradshaw (starred by Sarah Jessica Parker) wore in her wedding ceremony. What a stunning gown!

The classic wedding gown made by the famous stylist Vivienne Westwood stands out with over-the-top folds, a fitting waist and exquisite details. The over-the-top dart neckline is accentuated with feminine top made of gold-backed ivory silk satin and is finished with a large skirt of ivory silk Radzimir taffeta.

Thi year in Aprial, Vivienne Westwood launched the copy versions of Carrie's wholesale wedding dresses for purchase in 10 stores in the world, with limited custom versions, of course. In fact, the copy versions are shorter than the original one. Despite the shocking price, the for sale versions were quickly snapped up. Anyway, there are not a few women who have been attracted by the classic style wedding dress for long and also who have extra $15,000 in their bank accounts.

It is all agreed that the design of the wedding gown looks good on every body type. But, not every girl wants the special wedding gown made popular by the film. The hue, for example, is the most debatable section of the dress. ivory looks just gorgeous on Sarah Jessica Parker and steers the traditional white color of wedding dresses towards a fabulous ivory color. Some probably love the beautiful fashion wedding dress in such a different color, but it doesn't mean they want to wear the wedding dress on their own special days as they don't think the color is appropriate enough to the sacredness of their love for their lovers. In addition, some girls like the copies better than the original one. the shorter one looks more simple and elegant, and more convenient to put on.

Despite that Carrie's wedding dress in the film pulls a lot of attention from both the high fashion world and the common fashionistas, we are not going to meet a great number of ladies donning the Vivienne Westwood copies of the wedding gown. As Discussed above, the number of the copies is limited and the price is not commonly acceptable after all. Furthermore, many girls would keep it as a fashion dress for admiration rather than as a wedding dress for their own wedding ceremonies.