A wonderful wedding dress is a dream for every little girl—even after the girl grows up and remains unmarried. In the Unites States, we usually do not don our our wedding dress when not in our wedding ceremonies, but it is sort of a tradition for Chinese to-be-brides to wear a few outfits of wedding dresses with her fiance to shoot for a <a href="http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale+wedding+dresses.html">wholesale wedding dresses</a> album before they hold their wedding ceremonies.

Most of to-be-couples in China would take the shooting simply as a fashion to create a romantic memory. Certainly, not each to-be-couple stick to the tradition—it is widely accepted, but not compulsory. Nowadays, a lot of foreign visitors to China are also attracted to have a special wedding dress album shoot there as a way to memorize their wedding. When you go to the major scenic places like in the parks, for example, of Shenyang, you may run into a wedding gown outdoor shooting for either foreign or Chinese couples.

Commonly, wedding dress shooting shops provide wedding dress shooting packages consisting of hair fixing, choosing outfits, doing fittings, make-up and of course, photo shooting. Western wedding gowns are necessary for almost every wedding dress album shooting. Based on different budgets and the shooting packages you opt for, there are different numbers of wedding dresses to select from. Most are Western, but wedding gowns in other styles like traditional Chinese Cheongsam and minority costumes are also common in wedding gowns shootings. Also, to meet with different settings and wedding dresses, service staff from wedding gown album shooting shops can do different hair styles and make-ups for the couples-to-be. Usually, there are several service staff fussing around you helping you fix hair styles, make up, select wedding dresses, and fit the shooting backgrounds and your poses. In addition, a wedding dress shoot usually include outdoor shoots and indoor shoots, taking at least a whole day to complete the shooting. Though it may be a little too tiresome, it is very interesting!

Wedding gown album shooting is popular in China for several reasons. From my point of view, three principal reasons may explain the prevalence of the tradition. First, a lot of young people in China regard Western wedding costumes as more fashion and more romantic apparel for the beautiful moment. And people set out to generate the beautiful memory with exquisite and lovely wedding gown album. It is a joy to turn over the album to reflect on the beautiful days of their love! Second, taking a wedding gown shoot is a means to render the happiness of the new couples among their families and friends. To-be-couples, especially to-be-brides, enjoy to show their wedding gown albums to those whom they are eager to share with their joy. Third, as the world's most influential clothing production base, wedding gowns which come in various standards of fabrics and styles enjoy a relatively reasonable pricing. They are affordable even for low-paid people in China. In addition, prices on wedding gown shooting service are optional according to the different packages you opt for. Generally speaking, a wedding dress shooting costs you from 1,000 RMB to 10,000 RMB.