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Natural Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond Unveiled
By Maxamillion Blick
Published on 01/8/2014

Brazilian "Strawberry Pink" Diamond Ring Available by Appointment

An extremely rare Natural Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Diamond from Brazil, known as the Strawberry Pink, is available by appointment only at select One and Only One™ locations nationwide. The 2-carat cushion-cut Strawberry Pink Diamond, VS1, is flanked by a pair of Natural Fancy Blue Diamonds (0.94 carat), set on a ring of platinum and rose gold. All three diamonds are accompanied by certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The price of the ring is available upon request.

"The color of this Brazilian Pink Diamond is so highly saturated it actually displays mysterious flashes of red," said Joe Padulo, CEO of Padulo Privé, an adviser to elite jewelers and luxury brands. "When you consider the staggering performance of Pink Diamonds at auction in the past three years, the Strawberry Pink will no doubt find its way to the portfolio of a discerning investor."

On November 12, 2013, at Sotheby's Geneva, New York-based diamond cutter Isaac Wolf beat three other bidders, two of them from the Far East, to buy the Pink Star, a 59.60-carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond, for $83 million. This is a record price for any gemstone at auction. The previous record was held by the Graff Pink, a 24.78-carat Fancy Intense Pink that was sold for $45.6 million in 2010, at Sotheby's Geneva. The 34.65-carat Princie, a Fancy Intense Pink, raised $39.3 million at Christie's in New York last April.

"Frankly, when I sold the Graff three years ago, I thought it would be a record for a very long time. Tonight's price is really quite extraordinary three years later," Sotheby's auctioneer David Bennett told Reuters on November 12, 2013, "It means the three top prices paid for gemstones are all pink diamonds."

Of all diamond colors, pink is the most intriguing. Unlike other colored diamonds, the phenomenon of Natural Pink Diamonds is a scientific mystery. It is thought that the color is created by a twist within the atomic lattice during formation, the result of immense heat and pressure beneath the earth's surface. Heavily saturated pure pinks and purplish pinks are considered prized collectibles, with prices reflecting their rarity and desirability.

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