Kickstarter crowdfunding project open until January 9, 2014

 Sacrificing comfort for style has always been seen as a necessary evil when designing the latest, trendiest shoes for women. According to, high heels are one of the leading causes of foot problems in women, and one third suffer permanent damage as a result of wearing heels. While this sacrifice might have been the norm in the past, we see no reason fashion and style should continue to have such control over how our feet feel, torturing us for the sake of beauty. This kind of compromise has existed for as long as our weakness for cute footwear, and it's a trade-off that is no longer required! These conditions can be eliminated by embracing the comfort and glamour of Christina LK comfort shoe line.

Our Kickstarter crowdfunding project is brought to life by the need to inform women that they should never have to make the choice between comfort and fashion. Christina LK comfort shoe line brings the glamour of fashionable shoes and the all-day wearing of casual footwear together to accomplish what all women want, shoes that highlight and accent a pretty foot while keeping it comfortable, suspended in a layer of soft material.

We keep the classic, slender shape of fashionable shoes while inconspicuously increasing room in the toe box, allowing the ankle to balance effortlessly. We reinforce areas of the shoe with extra padding and test for even distribution of weight. With all of our work, our prototypes and testing accomplished, the quest for the fusion of style and comfort stops here with footwear designed with a focus on both the complex mechanics of a woman's delicate but strong foot and the ergonomic factor, the principle of allowing the wearer to comfortably and confidently walk all day long without fatigue or pain.

Support our Kickstarter project and finally see the outer sophistication and beauty of women's footwear paired with the inner feel of casual shoes that blissfully hug the wearer's feet. Our mission is a worthy one, the task set is a tough one, but we've used every dollar of our funds to ensure our prototypes fit every situation a hard-working woman can find herself in. Now we're ready for the next step: to bring our unique designs to market while implementing ever more greater innovations to increase wear-ability.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an "all or nothing" funding model. If our comfort shoe line project doesn't reach its funding goal by January 9, 2014, it might be years before you'll see these great products in the market. To follow our Kickstarter project, be sure to find us on Twitter (@Christinalk) and Facebook ( and spread the word to your social media networks. Our funding goal is $25,000 with a minimum pledge of $1. Help us help resolve a problem that has plagued women since fashion first began.

Let our comfortable shoes be your reliable partner from dawn to dusk while doing the things you do best!

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