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ATELIER Made-to-Measure Eyewear Online
By Maxamillion Blick
Published on 12/16/2013

First Luxury Eyewear Brand to Offer Made-to-Measure Custom Optical Frames and Sunglasses Using Webcam to Obtain Facial Measurements

Are you ready to have your eyewear customized by facial recognition software?

ATELIER Made-to-Measure Eyewear Online

Are you ready to have your eyewear customized by facial recognition software?

Altier custom eyewear

 "Almost nobody has glasses that fit them properly. Most glasses come in only one size. Our unique online measurement system and handcrafting ensure a more precise and comfortable fit than obtainable from standard off the shelf designs," commented Tim de Rosen, the brand's co-founder and CEO.

All ATELIER® optical frames and sunglasses are designed to match the customer's face shape, coloring, characteristics and personal style.

Prices start at $325 (£245) with high-index prescription or Zeiss sun lenses and include free delivery.

ATELIER's glasses are hand made one-by-one in the company's own workshops and personalized with the customer's name or initials engraved inside the arm of the frame.

Working with leading eyewear designers ATELIER® offers a wide range of stylish bespoke optical and sunglasses for men and women in acetate and titanium and a large choice of color options.

"This is a significant breakthrough for the luxury eyewear industry. By carefully controlling the production process and selling online we are able to offer hand crafted, made-to-measure custom eyewear for less than half the price of our nearest (offline) competitor," said de Rosen.

Founded in late 2013 by Tim de Rosen and Leslie Kent, ATELIER® is the first luxury eyewear brand to offer made to measure eyewear online. Combining cutting edge technology with hand crafting ATELIER® produces stunning designs that fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear. The brand will launch its first collection in early 2014 in the UK and USA introducing 40 styles for men and women in acetate and metal in a range of 40 colors and finishes.