Trendabl, the mobile social media platform designed for fashion enthusiasts, has introduced e-commerce, allowing their community of over one million users to shop the items they see instantly without ever leaving their Trendabl feed making it the first social native commerce platform in fashion.

Since its launch in 2012, well-known retailers, media outlets, bloggers and celebrities such as Michael Kors, Barney's, Singer22, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Bag Snob, Sincerely Jules, Harley Viera-Newton and Nicky Hilton have flocked to Trendabl to share their original fashion-centric content.  Trendabl allows its community to go beyond 'likes' and comments with its tagging technology: users can tag each item featured in the image with a designer or brand name. To further meet the demand of its style-savvy community, Trendabl's expansion into e-commerce will allow users to shop the products they see in their feed with three easy clicks.

Jon Alagem, CEO and Founder of Trendabl, commented, "With the addition of e-commerce, we're creating a global social marketplace which meets the needs of our designers and retailers and the demands of our community.  We are excited to revolutionize the way people discover and shop for fashion, natively." 

Users are now able to shop from multiple retailers and designers at the same time, with all of their buys housed in one universal shopping cart. This new technology allows brands, retailers and designers to connect with and meet the demands of a community that loves to shop without redirecting them or sending them to affiliate links.

"We see Trendabl as the premiere platform for fashion mobile commerce.  Our customers are turning to their mobile devices more frequently to shop," said Jon Singer, CEO of Singer22. "The social-sharing retail model on mobile devices is undoubtedly the next wave in purchasing trends.  Trendabl is a leader in this space with whom we are honored to partner."

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About Trendabl: Trendabl, a mobile social commerce community dedicated to the fashion world, allows users to share, discover and shop for fashion from top tastemakers, retailers, fashion designers, publications and more. Trendabl is headquartered in New York City. Download the Trendabl app from the App Store.

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