Inspired by Abstract Artists Victor Vasarely, Rothko, William Scott and others, Hengst Brings Unconventional Ideas, Materials and Designs to Her Fall Winter 2013 Line

New York City Fashion Designer Susan Hengst, a recent nominee for the National Design Award in fashion from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, wants people to see differently. That's why she's offering a fresh perspective and new style horizons with her FW13 HENGST Collection. Irresistibly soft and cut to flatter, the FW13 Collection embodies an easy elegance, offering a variety of pieces that can be worn every day, with designs, patterns and fabrics that defy convention in fun, whimsical and sometimes profound ways.

Just as abstract expressionists from the 20th century like Victor Vasarely, Rothko, William Scott and others  used their art to open new doors of perception for viewers, Hengst seeks to expand the horizons of not only fashion, but the way people perceive the world around them."I want my designs to encourage people to see and experience things outside conventional perspectives. By requiring the viewer to look through a different lens, I want people to pause for a moment and stop to consider different possibilities and modes of thought – all with clothing that is comfortable, form fitting and lets you express your individuality."

Every element of the FW13 HENGST Collection defies convention in exciting and often unexpected ways. The silhouettes of the collection reference unexpected horizons. The hemlines are atypically set and fabrics are used in unconventional ways.  Sweaters double as coats, shirttails peek out of dresses and textured cotton lined woolen's feature side zippers over tailored double knits.

A center piece of the new FW13 Collection is HENGST's bold graphic knit, The "Tlinko" dress, which is a study in black and cream contrasting against soft hues of angel food and coco.  Other notable pieces in FW13 include The Exene Dress; the Mira Dress and The Dream Coat.

The HENGST FW13 collection can be purchased online at and at Hengstboutique in NYC.  Susan Hengst and her designs will return to San Francisco for a Trunk Sale at 440 Brannan Studio in the SOMA district on the tenth thru the thirteenth of October (10/10- 10/13).

Please contact: Richard Kusack HENGST Media 

212 460-0055 or [email protected]

About the Hengst Collection -   The  HENGST collection of dresses, jump suits, coats and jackets as well as tops and bottoms and signature pieces (such as the Willow Jump Suit and Dusk Till Dawn Dress) is known for its luxurious fabrics, strong design viewpoint and perfected construction. The inspiration for each season is immersed in the clothing, telling a story to its customer; the modern woman.