Art as Accessory unveils at New York's Haute Perfumery & Atelier.

Chad Murawczyk, Founder and CEO of MiN New York, is largely known for his expertly curated fragrant offerings, but few are aware of his photography skills and Cuban heritage. Photography and perfume may seem like an odd pairing, but to Murawczyk, the two go hand in hand.

While on a journey to reconnect with his Cuban roots, Murawczyk's passion for imagery transformed into the subject of MiN New York's new collection HAVANA DREAMS: three exclusive limited edition scarves. Dancing in My Dreams, Life is Theatre, and Havana Rooftop are three prints that show the juxtaposition with old Havana and its projected extravagance. Each photorealistic collectible is made of fine silk, featuring hand ticking and hand rolled edges.

"Silk scarves are wonderful travel companions and perhaps these images will stimulate new dialogues about the juxtaposition between the extravagance and the grittiness of Havana… Often, fine photography will produce maybe twenty copies and be in a very few fortunate people's homes. I wanted more people to be able to enjoy my work," said Murawczyk.

HAVANA ROOFTOP: The view from the rooftop of Parque Central has perhaps the best view of downtown Havana. To me, the decades of slow seaside neglect created a heavily worn tapestry of sorts. It was worn so thin that it seems nearly impossible to remain standing, yet it continues on slowly fading away into the horizon.

DANCING IN MY DREAMS: Designed in German neo-baroque architecture, the Gran Teatro de La Havana is a celebration of opulence and grandeur. A direct contradiction to the streets of Havana, this amazing space is adorned with stone, marble, and sculptures by Giuseppe Moretti that represent symbols of education, music, compassion, and of course, theatre. Void of the typical guests of honor, the Dancing in My Dreams scarf reveals the room's true beauty.

LIFE IS THEATRE Home of the first theatre in the world to have an ice rink on stage, the Teatro Blanquita – renamed Teatro Karl Max after the Cuban Revolution of 1959 – is the cultural headquarters of Havana. Political events, the National Ballet of Cuba, and performances by Liberace have all graced the stage – and Chad Murawczyk was fortunate enough to see it as a blank canvas. Just as the head light turned on, he snapped his camera and captured the moving image featured on the Life is Theatre scarf.

Indulgent, luxurious, and generous in size, each HAVANA DREAMS scarf is a versatile and wonderful accessory designed for self-expression.

HAVANA DREAMS scarves are available at MiN New York ($295) and at select exclusive retailer locations around the world. For an inside look and personal recollection of his Havana journey, check out a secret preview of Murawczyk's interview with RESERVED magazine:

MiN New York curates the art of living in a New York minute. Chad Murawczyk and Mindy Yang also consult on luxury trends, product and olfactory design with a focus on 360 brand experience.

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