Revolutionary "Dress Match" Feature Enables Discovery of Similar Luxury Fashion Items for Rent


Rent the Runway, the leading destination for designer dress and accessory rentals, is making designer fashion more accessible with its first ever app for iPhone and iPod touch. The standout feature, aptly named Dress Match, allows women to snap a photo of their favorite dress – whether discovered while shopping or spotted on a friend—and match it to an identical or similar Rent the Runway style using photo matching technology. Users can place rental orders for all items within Rent the Runway's inventory from over 175 designer brands. The app is designed at launch for iOS 7.     

"Our mission remains: to make dressing up as fun, accessible and convenient as possible," said Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Co-founder, Rent the Runway. "Through our Dress Match feature, users can hone in on a dress or fabric they love and discover all the similar styles they can rent for a fraction of the retail price. It helps answer that "Should I rent or should I buy?" dilemma before even leaving a store."

To utilize Dress Match, users can either take a photo directly on the application or choose an existing photo from the Camera Roll on their iPhone or iPod touch of a dress, a favorite pattern or print, or even a source of inspiration.  The app will generate a list of dresses with similar designs from which the user can rent, save to her collection of favorite items, or add to her Shortlist, another key feature of the application.

The app's Shortlist feature gives users the ability to curate their own separate collections of dresses named for their future events, such as "Sarah's Birthday Party" or "October Charity Gala." Shortlists can be created in two ways.  One, a user can take a style quiz that asks for the event's dress code and details about their style preferences, and the app will serve up personal recommendations for that event. Or two, users can manually build a list of preferred styles.

Rent the Runway's app also allows users to share a dress or accessory with a friend via text message or email for opinions or styling advice, or to recommend that style to a friend, mimicking the social shopping Rent the Runway customers are already doing with their friends.  

The Rent the Runway App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at 

Rent the Runway has transformed the retail industry by making designer dress and accessory rentals a convenient and accessible luxury experience for millions of women. With door-to-door delivery, a free second-size, and access to personal stylists, Rent the Runway is a service that enables women to look and feel their most confident for any occasion. At 90% off retail, Rent the Runway provides the Cinderella experience for women everywhere.

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