There's a stigma that comes from wearing a wristwatch in 2013, and it's unearned; that watch wearers are fashion nuts, or they wish to flaunt their wealth. While a beautiful Michele ceramic watch may make a brilliant fashion statement, it's the pure practicality that keeps the wrists of watch devotees covered up. Reports show that those who buy watches frequently name 3 highly persuasive reasons to maintain a watch tan: (1) they prefer something that doesn't need to be charged, (2) they need a timepiece that functions while enjoying active hobbies, and (3) they find that a watch is most conducive to traveling. With all these reasons to buy a watch, make yours a winner at a reasonable price, by turning to Gideon's Fine Jewelry for a great deal on D'Atlantis watches and other collections. While you're there, check out the trend-setting Michele watches that serve as Gideon's Fine Jewelry's true specialty and other fantastic items, such as luxury writing instruments and jewelry.

The smartphone was perceived by many as the wristwatch killer. Because a smartphone includes a clock, plus functions like a stopwatch, and, naturally, telecommunication tools, those who haven't given the issue much thought believe that there is simply no need for a watch. However, the number one cause of confusion and nervousness in the modern era is the dreaded low battery. Think back on the last time your phone battery was low—most likely this was a recent occurrence—and you felt a rush of urgency and panic. Knowing the time in an urgent situation like this is always a comfort. A fine Swiss watch from Gideon's Fine Jewelry will keep you in the know; automatic watches never need the right cord like a smartphone and maintaining their accuracy takes a negligible amount of time.

Those who live an active lifestyle rarely report that they take their smartphone along on a ski slope, on a surf board, or while skin diving. Your world-class chronograph from Gideon's Fine Jewelry might be too precious an item to risk cosmetic damage, but in many cases—particularly with a beautiful Victorinox Swiss Army watch—it'll be water resistant and safe to take on most outings. Don't let your active lifestyle stand in the way of knowing what the date and time are.

Last but not least, there may be an array of regional times on your smartphone or computer display, but do you actually use those? A feature-rich watch—a great example of abundant features can be found in the Casio G-Shock and Casio Baby-G lines—can feature multiple time zones, offer tide and temperature displays, and even be powered through solar technology. If there's a feature particularly important to you, ask one of the helpful sales agents at Gideon's Fine Jewelry which are available; you'd be surprised what you can get in such a compact package.

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