Findings stress importance of National Suit Drive charitable effort in July

Menís Wearhouse (NYSE: MW) announced the findings of a nationwide survey that reveals how a single suit can transform a manís life, making him feel more attractive, confident, and successful in professional situations as well social ones. The survey also reveals that men wearing suits find that people are nicer to them, more complimentary, more likely to take them seriously, and even more trusting.

 ďWhat you wear has a direct impact on how you feel, and wearing a suit not only helps you look your absolute best but also helps you feel your absolute best, no matter what situation you are in, from a job interview to a first date,Ē said Doug Ewert, Menís Wearhouse President and CEO. ďOur goal at Menís Wearhouse is to help every customer find the perfect suit for any occasion.Ē

The study, conducted by Kelton Research, surveyed a nationally representative sample of more than 1,000 American men ages 18 and older and reveals ó

A majority of suit-wearing men derive an increased sense of confidence, success, and even attractiveness just by wearing a suit.

  • Close to seven in 10 (66 percent) of men say that when they wear suits, they feel more confident.

  • Sixty-two percent of men admit they feel more successful and more intelligent (43 percent) when they wear a suit.

  • Close to six in 10 (58 percent) of men say they feel more attractive when they wear a suit, and more than a third (34 percent) feel sexier.

Not only does wearing a suit bring out the best in a man, but it also sets him up for success in both professional and social situations.

  • Nearly all men surveyed (92 percent) agree that when a man wears a suit, he makes a good first impression in professional situations, such as job interviews or client meetings.

  • Nearly nine in 10 men (86 percent) think that when a man wears a suit, he makes a good first impression in social situations, such as dates or parties.

Men admit that when they wear a suit, people respond to them in a more positive way.

  • Close to half of suit wearers say they think other people view them in a more positive light (48 percent) and seem to take them more seriously (42 percent) when they wear a suit.

  • Close to one-third of suit wearers say that when they don a suit, people are not only nicer to them (32 percent) but are also more trusting (31 percent).

A majority of men associate their suits with happy memories.

  • A majority of men (88 percent) can remember at least one special event for which they wore a suit from their closet.

  • About the same percentage of men (82 percent) associate many of their suits with positive or happy memories.

  • One-third of suit owners (33 percent) still have the suit they wore when they celebrated a special moment in their childís life. The same number of married guys (33 percent) held on to the suit they wore on their wedding day.

The majority of men who own suits admit they have held on to old suits for too long.

  • Close to seven in 10 men who own suits (68 percent) admit they donít currently wear all their suits, and the oldest suit they have hanging in their closet is nine years old.

  • Close to four in 10 of suit owners (35 percent) admit that some of their suits no longer fit them.

Men say they would donate old suits to a cause that supports the disadvantaged.

  • Nearly half of guys (46 percent) who donít wear some of the suits they own admit theyíve kept them simply because they never really thought about getting rid of these pieces.

  • But men are willing to give away their gently used suits to someone who can get more use out of them. Close to half (43 percent) of suit-wearing men have plans to give away some of their suits.

The survey results prove the importance of looking sharp in a great suit and verify the widespread habit American men have of holding on to professional attire too long ó two factors that support the need for the annual Menís Wearhouse National Suit Drive.

To give men the opportunity to donate those suits theyíve been holding on to for too long, Menís Wearhouse is holding its sixth annual National Suit Drive July 1ó31, and is currently accepting gently used business attire at all of its locations. The donated items will be distributed to more than 150 nonprofit organizations around the country that provide assistance to at-risk men looking to re-enter the workforce.

To help raise awareness for the National Suit Drive, visit the Menís Wearhouse Facebook page to share images and videos, as well as track donations with a live donations counter. Follow the conversation on Twitter @MensWearhouse for real-time updates with #giveasuit. For every National Suit Drive mention on Facebook and Twitter, Menís Wearhouse will contribute $1 (up to $20,000) to the cause. For more information, visit

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