As a young lady full of energy and enthusiasm, you definitely don't want to be like this, and you've got to snap out of it. Have a look at the Hollywood movie star Blake Lively. When she stepped out for the premiere of "Turbo" in New York on Tuesday, her outfit was an easy look that we could all see ourselves wearing, which is exactly the point - anyone can look beautiful in a common dress like her. And so it is with unique swimsuits. This summer, be a shining star under the sunshine together with RELLECIGA Bikinis!

Picking the most suitable bikini set for yourself is quite difficult when there are so many styles and colors to choose from. But don't worry - RELLECIGA ("RC" for short) offers you choices as well as advice.

First of all, you should not miss the lace bikini, not only because it's trending this summer, but also because it can be both sweet and sexy. No matter what kind of style you want, lace bikinis will give you more options. However, we all know that lace is an element that is hard to match well with other fabrics. No need to worry about this question with RC's bikinis - designed in Paris, RC mixes all the elements well. Our designers have added the lace trim to the triangle tops and low waist bottoms. Moreover, we have made the lace trim neon colors which are extremely eye-catching under the sunshine. Neon color lace trim with light solid color makes you as sweet as honey, while mixing zebra prints and dark solid colors makes you the wildest animal.

Also, you should pay attention to floral and jungle prints. Different from garden-variety prints, RC's florals burst into a kaleidoscope-like look and become the ultimate badge of swimwear this summer. And the jungle print looks better with the 3/4 cup top bikini set, which can bring lookers to their knees.

In addition, don't forget to consider lovely details like ruffles. There are plenty of details on a RC bikini set, such as rhinestones, sequins, open "V" wire centers, and so on. However, ruffles are definitely the most flirty one among these. Make a statement with a bold pop of ruffles with a bright RC swimsuit and flirt with the sunshine, sands and waves.

The beach is all about relaxation, rest and tranquility. If you want to be one in a million and heat up the beach, RC's bikinis are your first choice. They are perfect for days lounging under the sun and will definitely help you become your own stylist, and turn heads as well.

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